Konstantin Bogomolov - PHP, Javascript Web Developer

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Hello, I’m Konstantin Bogomolov, a web developer passionate about creating efficient and user-friendly digital solutions. I specialize in PHP, leveraging the Symfony framework for robust back-end systems. My expertise extends to Node.js and database management, where I work with MySQL, MariaDB, and MongoDB to optimize data storage and retrieval.

On the front-end, I enjoy crafting engaging user interfaces with JavaScript and React, aiming for a seamless and intuitive user experience. Beyond web development, I have experience with Docker and Linux, adding versatility to my skill set.

In addition to web technologies, I’ve explored Java, Android development, and cross-platform mobile app development using Flutter and Dart.

Security is a priority for me, and I bring a background in penetration testing to ensure the resilience of the solutions I develop.

My approach centers around practical and effective solutions, and I’m always eager to apply my skills to new challenges.

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